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Steve Marjieh

Lead Instructor

I have well over 20 years as a trainer, consultant and designer in various CAD systems and various disciplines.

From class A surfacing and reverse engineering to solid modeling, data management, translations, design for manufacturing (DFM) and Digital Mock Up (DMU).

I started training and consulting to help fast track designers and engineers in their quests in how to properly use their CAD tool of choice.

Currently, it takes too long to learn a CAD tool because there tends to be a lack of purpose in most training material. A lot of the what is taught is redundant or not properly focused going through a standard training session. Instead of “just CAD training” material should focus on some proper application and usage as well.

With all the knowledge I have gained from being involved in the various disciplines that I have worked in I felt it my duty to pass along my knowhow.

My extremely patient, friendly and easy demeanor makes me very approachable. I take deep pride in my work and in my ability to relay information from simple design tools to complex engineering concepts.


This allows me to adapt easily to any situation. I have been on engineering and design floors all over the Americas as well as Germany, China, India, Malaysia and Singapore: My track record is impeccable.