Aerospace is a cutting edge industry in which new technologies meet old methods. ASE courses provide students with a broad view of the industry and at the same time emphasize the important subjects that are fundamental to the development of any student that wants to develop a career in this competitive sector

Aerospace Technologies

In this course students will learn the basic mechanics of flying from Lighter than Air vehicles to Heavier than Air vehicles. How to calculate basic flight mechanics and requirements as well as provide a history and evolution of flying vehicles.

Navigation Systems

Navigation Systems are an essential part of flying. Students will learn how the on-board and on-ground navigation systems used nowadays work and just as important the limitations of each system. We also discuss how the next leap in technology will change our perceptions of how we see flight.

Flight Mechanics

Flight Mechanics and we do not mean repair technicians. Our course teaches students to understand the loads and behaviors of flight and make flight mechanics one of the most complicated subjects. Students will learn how to calculate coordinated movements and other flight variables like required fuel, range, etc...

Airplane Design

Airplane Design provides the package that airplane manufactures uses to calculate the airplane form and function. From interior requirements to aerodynamic surfaces. This courses provides students with all the required tools to design a Heavier than Air vehicle.

Fundamentals of Aerospace Structures and Structural Analysis

This is the first part of Aerospace Structures Analysis. Students will understand loads, structures configurations, materials and certification requirements.

Advance Aerospace Structures Analysis

Part two of Structural Analysis. This course will provide a deeper understanding of aerospace structural analysis and most common methods of analysis.

System Analysis for Airborne Objects

This course is a highly specialized course that provides students with the necessary knowledge about Auto Pilot Technology and Object Avoidance Systems.