Automobile Industry is a highly competitive sector in which innovation and cost reductions are key in order to reach sustainability. ASE provides specialized courses that provides students with a rare inside look at automotive design and manufacturing.


Vehicle Packaging engineering is one of the most comprehensive and complicated task of the vehicle design. Packaging Engineers have the responsibility of defining all key aspects of an automobile. From the underbody to the exterior and interior. Basically ensuring the design meets the segment requirements.

Body in White

Body in White refers to the stage in automotive manufacturing in which sheet metal is formed and welded to form the automotive structure. This course provides the process and technology used to successfully design and manufacture the vehicle Body In White.

Vehicle Ergonomics

Vehicle Ergonomics is the study of the human body in the environment that it will be placed in. It ensures that the occupants movements are natural and do not create stress on the occupants. It is an important subject of every automotive design to assure safety and comfort.

Ground Vehicle Aerodynamics

Automotive performance is not only based on engine size as aerodynamics has a big impact on the vehicle dynamics. This course provides the design consideration in aerodynamics on ground vehicles.