Artificial Inteligence

Methodology used to transfer the knowledge of a human expert into an intelligent program that can be used to solve problems or give advise.

Search and optimization

Many problems in AI can be solve by the search of the required solution on a list of possible solutions. But additionally to this, if we have several solutions to a generic problem, additionally we need to optimize the respose with a serie of premises.


Logic statments also represent a tool on the development of an AI system, based on a predefined true/false statements which dictates the logic of the analysis.

Probabilistic methods for uncertain reasoning

Many problems in AI requires the system to operate with incomplete or uncertain information. AI researchers have created powerfull tools based on probability theory and economics to solve these problems.

Classifiers and statistical learning methods

The simplest of this aplications can be divided on controlers; organize interations actions and classifiers are functions that determine the closest match.

Neural networks

Neural networks are modeled after the neurons in the human brain, where a trained algorithm determines an output response for input signals.

Control theory

ProdControl theory deals with the control of continuos operating dynamic systems in engineered processes and machines controling the actions on an optimum manner without delay or overshoot to ensure stability.